About Eleanor

To the wonderful few people who read my blog (hey Dad),

My name is Eleanor and my surname is unpronounceable to those of us unaware that the ‘j’ is silent in Dutch. I’m 21, female, a half-blood English/Dutch inhabitant of London and, if you haven’t already guessed, I love to write; so much so that I’m did a combined degree of two essay subjects. Currently attempting to find my place in the writing world, hopeful to one day be an author (I’ll keep you posted). I’ve completed various writing-y jobs in the past(to see what I’ve done, check out my online portfolio https://eleanorstammeijer.wordpress.com/), and am currently working in publishing as I can’t get enough of books.

If you’re more interested in my bookish side of things, be sure to check out ‘alwayslovetoreadalot‘ as you wish.

This is a blog where I can write a few articles, review the odd thing, rant, complain, chat and basically do whatever comes to mind. If there are any subjects you’d like to hear me talk about, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to formulate some sort of coherent opinion.


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