It’s a Sad World

Politics makes me sad. The news makes me sad. The world makes me sad.

Most days I want to just unplug the tv, turn off my phone, and just read a book, pretending that everything is ok. It seems every time I look at the news there’s been another rape, another terrorist attack, another earthquake, another racist attack, another misogynistic arsehole, another injustice, another another another. I’ve only lived 20 years and I’ve had enough with it all.

I created a series on here called ‘On Being Happy’, in an attempt to have an outlet for something positive. If the news doesn’t cover anything good in the world, I might as well create a source for something happy. Yes, the world is better than it used to be, but it’s still not great. What with Brexit this year and now Trump, it feels like we’ve gone backwards. How have campaigns that are fuelled by hate come so far? Why are people with racist, homophobic, and sexist tendencies been given the opportunity to do so much damage? Why are so many people blind to the truth? Brexit was fuelled by the hate for migrants, when really we shouldn’t be hating the people fleeing their homes but those who are the cause for them to flee in fear. Trump took this to a new level. It’s things like this that give people justification for hate crime, as we’ve seen with the rise of racist attacks. Anyone who isn’t a white heterosexual male has cause for concern and real fear.

I hate that when I hear about another bombing or tsunami or mass death that I feel almost numb to it, simply because we’ve had so many in the past months and year. If you try to really dedicate your energy and emotions to them all, there’s just no end to the torment – and I’m not even a victim of these things. Sure, if we’re using the examples previously raised, I’m affected by Brexit as I wanted to stay in the EU, but at the end of the day I’m a white female who only has to worry about sexist attacks – and the amount that I deal with pale in comparison to a woman who is black, or a man who isn’t a Christian, or someone who isn’t heterosexual. How have we allowed a time where so many people live in constant fear and grief, scared to leave their homes because it’s highly likely they could be targeted.

There’s not much I can do to help, but one thing I can do very easily is speak out. This blog has been my platform for my thoughts and feelings and musings for years now, and it would be wrong to pretend that everything is fine, because it isn’t. Who would I be, if I just sat back and pretended it wasn’t happening? What would that make me, if I did turn off my tv, ignore the notifications on my phone, and act that the world isn’t going downhill – just because I can.

It would make me into the one of the many people who sit back and do nothing. Who vote out of fear and prejudice. Who claim not to be racist, but don’t see racism as a deal breaker. Who dislike campaigns such as ‘Black lives matter’, because they’re white and aren’t ‘included’ – who instead of supporting their friends and community, they choose to hate it and see it as an attack to themselves. Who can’t look past their own worries, and try to help others.

So, this is me trying to do something – and it won’t end here. This is me using a platform I have to voice something that not everyone listens to. Yes, there’s not much I can do to change the way the world is, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing I can do.

One thing remains true: although there is sadness and dejection, there is always hope and kindness. Those don’t go away. Not everyone has got what they wanted this year, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up and accept this. We can go on fighting, campaigning, and talking to one another, but not fuelled by hate. I choose kindness.


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