On Being Happy: Home

On hearing the news of the EU referendum, and being part of the 48% who wanted to remain in the EU, I need to remind myself of something that makes me happy.


Home is the smell of that particular washing powder. It’s the endless supply of apricot jam and toast. It’s having a garden and living on more than one floor. It’s having neighbours who chat to you over the fence about weeds.

Home is where my Mum cooks wonderful food seemingly without effort. Home is my Dad making jokes that are sometimes terrible, usually inappropriate, but always making me at least smile. Home is where I can cry one minute over silly things and smile the next because the dog farted himself awake.

Home is that peacefulness walking on the beach. It’s also the chaos of wind tangling hair and salt on your skin, so when you lick your lips later they taste like the sea.

Home is where I feel safe, and happy, and warm. It’s where the nemesis is a squirrel that eats the strawberries and outsmarts the dog and the Dad. Home is where my Mum manages to somehow keep up with my mood swings on bad days and find ways to make me laugh despite them. Home is where my Dad can fix anything, even my broken boot which he once fixed by lighting on fire – intentionally.

Home is where my dog sleeps on my bed and keeps me cosy, even if he smells and hogs the duvet. It’s where my brother will talk and talk and talk and never run out of stories or tales or important sounding words that I may or may not use in books I hope to write one day.

Home makes me happy. It’s where I feel grounded, where I feel I can breathe a sigh of relief as soon as I step off the train. It’s where I’ll probably always be told to get to bed early but also where my washing will also magically get done. It’s the sound of seagulls that I love and hate and hate and love. It’s the place I regroup, re-centre myself, charge up for the time I’m away, because when I’m away I don’t feel the same as I do at home.

On bad days, I think of home and count down the days I’ll be back, because for me, home is happiness.


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