On Being Happy: Music

I’ve been writing music reviews for a while now, and started off writing for a not-so-great online magazine that ended up changing what I’d said. I now write for The London Economic and, if you’re interested in what I do, you can always check out my online portfolio here.

Now that I’ve shoved in what I think is a well-placed plug, I want to go back to what this is all about – music. I love music, just like most people do, but I’ve discovered that there isn’t a lot of music that I don’t like. I’m not too great with heavy metal, but when it’s done well even I can’t say it’s not good. Then I thought a definite turn off for me is ‘screamer’ music, which still holds true, but every now and then it will crop up in a fantastic song and I’ll love it. Music knows no bounds.


I’m sure everyone has their own personal connection to music, ranging with everything from saving their life to their teenage awakening to boys or girls or just wearing lots of wristbands. For me, music has always been a part of my life what with my Mum being a professional flutist. My normal was hearing her run scales at warp speed or breeze through complicated pieces with what sounded like ease. It wasn’t until friends came over to my house and gaped when they heard her playing that I realised not everyone had that. When I was younger, I didn’t really know what music I liked – my Mum introduced me to Take That with her obsession with Gary (and if you diss them, you’ll face my wrath as I passive aggressively scream the lyrics to Shine), then she let me listen to her Maroon 5 CD Songs About Jane and I’ve loved them ever since. I went through a Britney Spears phase, then listened to nothing outside of Taylor Swift. After that a few of my friends started ‘educating’ my music taste, and soon enough I was listening to You Me At Six and Mayday Parade and Panic At the Disco.

Since then, my tastes have changed and some of them have even lingered. It’s safe to say that my go-to these days vary from whatever musical I fancy to Hozier to old school Maroon 5 to a really catchy remix. Years & Years, Sam Smith, James Bay – so many artists are crammed onto my now very old ipod. For me, music is another escape, much like a book can open you to another world – music opens you up to new sound. There’s nothing better, in my opinion, than blasting some music as you try to belt along whilst you also try and cook/clean/procrastinate. Music brings me to another happy place – and nothing sends shivers up my spine more than a beautiful harmony does.

It’s a happy place for me, which is exactly why it deserved it’s own spot on this odd but, hopefully bright, series. That’s all I aim to do – bring a bit of light and sunshine to a world that sometimes seems a bit grey. Or maybe that’s just because there seems to be clouds constantly crowding over London. Either way, keep smiling because surely those clouds will pass over soon.


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