Guide To University: London Weather and Walking Antics

I made a post a while about called ‘Independence and Rain‘ where I mention the pandemonium that is London weather. As I can now walk to university (halle-freaking-lujah), weather has a far bigger impact on me than it used to, as well as the things you notice when you actually walk in London. So, this is a guide for those going to university in London but also for anyone in London or just in England because, let’s face it, it doesn’t get much better.

The weather is temperamental, to say the least. It’s like a cat who one minute is purring like crazy when you stroke it and the next is trying to scratch you to death. You could be walking down the road in the sunshine, whistling away (because just like the movies, when the sun is out everyone is automatically happy and occasionally burst into song), when out of nowhere it starts raining. Immediately you can tell apart who is local and who is not. Most locals whip out an umbrella from their bag without breaking stride, and I’m proud to say that my umbrella is in my bag 24/7. There are a few locals who have forgotten their umbrella, or who have changed bags and didn’t move it over, or whose umbrella recently broke, so they are normally the stormy-faced, resigned individuals who stomp through the puddles. Then you have the tourists, who all start off the same; excited at the prospect of English rain. Not even joking, I overheard someone say, ‘Oh, how British‘ when it started raining. Some of these tourists laugh for a while, then realise that the rain is no different here than anywhere else so immediately go to seek out shelter. The others are sort of prepared, brandishing ponchos but realising that ponchos really, really suck and don’t even work that well.

There are other things about London that I didn’t notice as much when I wasn’t walking. The first is the fact that scooters are used by children under 10 and also 30-40 year old businessmen. One minute there’s a cute little boy pushing himself on his bright blue scooter, and the next there’s a middle aged man in a suit and tie doing the same. If that isn’t mid-life crisis, I don’t know what is.

The other thing I noticed is that it’s ridiculous how angry I now get at tourists. Most likely due to the fact that I have to walk through south bank and past the London Eye every single day. I’m so tired of being caught in the middle of a huge group of school kids from France and getting hit by selfie-sticks left, right, and centre. Also to the people who are walking and then stop in the middle of the path – there is a special place in hell for you all. On a side note, although I do enjoy the aquarium Sea Life and the London Dungeons, why, tell me why, ‘Shrek Adventure’ exists. Seriously. It’s a thing.

Ok, I think I’m ranted out for now.