Always Love to Read…A Lot

So for many of you, this isn’t a surprise as earlier today I discovered that when you have dual blogs, you need to check which blog you’re actually posting to which is why some of you may have already seen my first post for a different site…let’s pretend that didn’t happen. (Smooth, Eleanor, smooth)

HELLO EVERYONE! There were two things I promised to you, first of all being a post about a previous job which is soon to come and also the announcement of my new project – because of course I don’t have enough to do as it is.

Alwayslovetowrite was one of three blogs that I started up as a young teenager. It was meant to be a platform where I could post chapters or odd extracts from the books I was writing at the time (some of which I look back to and what to cringe all the way to my bed so I can hide from the world).

Unfortunately, I soon realised that people could easily copy my ideas which were, to my young teenage brain, the best ideas ever, so it dissolved into a more random blog of my thoughts – like an online diary. The other two blogs, one on food and one on travel, eventually dissipated into nothingness leaving alwayslovetowrite to take precedence. It’s now a space where I can vent, complain, blog and write whatever else is on my mind. Many of you followed me – and for that I couldn’t be more grateful – but I’ve found that, in more cases than not, it’s not to see the occasional post about a book being released or to see one of my book reviews or even kindle vs print. The books I read vary considerably, so I decided that the obvious course of action was to make a book blog. So, without further ado, I’m here to announce the creation of alwayslovetoreadalot, a blog dedicated to what I’m reading, what I want to read and other bookish related thoughts.

Of course this doesn’t mean that I will no longer write on this site, it just means that you won’t be bombarded with my obsession with YA fantasy, random classics and more. Alwayslovetowrite will stay as the place it was meant to be – somewhere for me to write whatever I like without rules or guidelines and hope that someone somewhere will enjoy reading it.

So please feel free to check out alwayslovetoreadalot and if you feel so inclined, then subscribe! We’ll see how I get on over there, and hopefully it won’t be a disaster like ‘teenagefoodie1’ was. The first post is already up, as some of you may have already read it, about the book ‘All I Know Now‘ by Carrie Hope Fletcher.

That’s all I have for you today – so thanks for reading and catch you all next time! As always, feel free to comment if you have anything you want me to write about or any book suggestions you want to see on the new blog!


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