Back to Basics: dragons, books and nibbles

Long time no see – I’d tell you the usual excuses for my absence (aka hello essay(s) my old friend, it’s not nice having exams again), but instead I’ll let you listen to me ramble about something pretty ordinary. In fact, you could call it rather basic – which is the idea, because I’m going back to basics.

Now I’m not really talking about this by focussing on student life, such as how most of my diet revolves around simple pasta, bread and veg. It’s more of a Tuesday afternoon musing session because I’m now on my last essay of the term and in the midst of revision and, honestly, I’m trying to channel my procrastination into something ‘useful’. (Yes, I’m counting blogging about my feelings and useless thoughts as beneficial – just to ease the guilt).

Seeing as I’ve already mentioned food, let’s go to the ‘nibbles’ part of the post. I don’t know why, maybe someone can come up with a fancy explanation about sensations or whatnot, but everything seems so much better with a dip. Crisps and dips? Yes. Pita and taramasalata? Hell yes. Cucumber and houmous? Always. (Apparently you can spell it as houmous or hummus according to Wiki, so no complaining) Just any nibble-y food in general just seems so much better. Little bites of food can sometimes seem so much better than huge bowls of something, and actually dipping food into something seems so much better than stabbing it with a fork.

Next up on one of my musings: books. It’s a known fact that when Kindle was first released, I was practically the captain of the pro-books team and anti-electronic books. There’s just something about turning a page and holding a real book and that new book smell? Only thing that beats that is the puppy smell. However, one Christmas I was given a Kindle and nothing was the same again. Suddenly I could buy 4 e-books for the price of 1 regular book, not to mention that I could now fit over fifty books into my bag when going on holiday with ease. Not to forget that you can basically read in any position and one-handed. Forget days past of crumb troubles getting stuck between pages and the arduous task of trying to turn a page with only one hand. I admit, the Kindle changed me. When I upgraded to a Kindle Fire, it only worsened. Now I could actually see the book covers as well and ‘flick’ through my library with a swipe of a finger. I can highlight, look up word definitions by just tapping a word and get the best book recommendations. I can go online and buy a book within seconds. Now when I finished a fantastic book at 11pm, I didn’t have to wait until the next day to get the sequel – with a simple tap, it’s on my Kindle by 11.02pm and, before you know it, I’ve finished the trilogy by 3am – completely satisfied.

BUT, this is called Back to Basics, and the reason I’m yammering on about books is because I’ve recently started going crazy over actual books that I can hold in my hands. It all started with a Waterstones voucher and the introduction of the Clothbound Classics. I am now darting back and forth between Kindle and real books, in love with both of them. I now know that I can’t go back to using just one format – a healthy combination of the two suits me just fine. I’ve got into the habit of buying the really expensive books on Kindle to save some money and the really pretty books in proper book format so I can stare at them whenever I like. (What a life I lead.)

Finally, I get to the part that probably interested you the most: dragons. Now, I’m sure you’ll probably be disappointed as it’s not about Game of Thrones (but still, so excited about Season 5 – Team Daenerys all the way). What I’m actually talking about, has a loose connection to dragons I’m afraid. I’ve found that my eyes get pretty blurry most evenings (I’ll be impressed if you can see where I’m going with this) and it’s probably due to the fact that all day I’m staring at a screen. I look at powerpoints during lectures, my laptop when I write essays, my laptop again for research as all of our material for university is online, my phone to contact my friends and family, and, most of the time, my Kindle to read. It’s not really surprising that my eyes get sore and need a break, one of the reasons I’ve been getting back into reading proper books.

Still, I hear you cry ‘What the (insert swear here) does this have to do with dragons?’. I’ll tell you, dear friends. I soon realised that I’d need to do something in the evenings that required little focus, would give my eyes a rest, but still be interesting enough that I would enjoy it. And so, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the idea came to me in the form of dragons. Origami dragons. It’s reasonably entertaining and I now have a string of them flying across my room – it’s as close as I’ll probably get to a proper dragon.

Featured image

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post with musings that are sort of connected under the vague title of ‘Back to Basics’. Catch you next time.