Standard ‘plug’

Definition of plug (verb, informal): mention (a product, event, or establishment) publicly in order to promote it.

Fortunately I’m not here to tell you to all go out and buy something (though one day – I hope – I can try to convince you to buy a book written by yours truly) but for now I’m going to talk about our favourite thing: social media.

And by ‘talk’, I mean in very few words awkwardly let you know that if you get irritated by my lack of posts/actually are interested in what I get up to, you are welcome to follow me on the ever-so-lovely Twitter for random comments about everyday things or even follow me now on Instagram, which I’ve had for a grand total of three days and still have no idea what I’m doing. As far as I’m aware, everyone pretends that they’re photographers/artists and, unlike snapchat, post pictures of flowers instead of their double chins.

You can find me on Twitter as @ElStammjam

You can find me on Instas (I’m so hip on the lingo) as Stammydodger

So enjoy (or not) my friends. Hope you’re well and keep tuned for an upcoming – aka most likely next week – post on clubbing. It’s a wild one.


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