Support Group

Hello, and thank you for joining me in today’s support group. I think I’ll kick off discussion and start.
I have an addiction. An obsession. An unhealthy love for something that I can’t stop. I know it’s disrupted my social and work life and, honestly, it’s difficult to really care about those things when I have my obsession with me at all times. I have stashes at home, at uni, in my bag – all over the place. I know I need to slow it down and take a breather, but I just can’t.
Yes. I, Eleanor, am a serial reader.
It didn’t start until I was eight or so, when I discovered the Judy Moody books. The love for books for manageable then. I suppose it started to get worse when I found the Twilight saga at twelve, and then it went even more downhill when I decided to branch out to different books and started to criticise books as if I had superior knowledge. The breaking point was when I got my first kindle. Suddenly I just had all these books one click away for no more than £4 – most of them were 99p. Suddenly I was reading so much I had little time for anything else, and when you’re only spending 99p a time it’s difficult to talk yourself out of buying yet another novel. Some would be romances that I devoured in mere days and others would be action packed adventures that immediately imagine myself to be a part of when reality got to be too much. Just the other day I finished two books IN THE SAME DAY. It was a normal Saturday and I’d finished Adam Bede for uni and Eleanor and Park for fun and I decided to pick up my kindle – only to find two sequels from two authors suddenly being released.
I bought both. I read one between the hours of 10-6 (in which I also went to Hyde Park for a bike ride). I read and finished the other by 11pm.
I’m not proud. Neither of them will benefit me in life. Neither of them were the play I’m supposed to read for uni next week.
But both of them fed the addiction quite nicely.
I guess that’s about it. Thank you for listening and I’ll see you all next time.
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