Behind the Scenes – Book Review

Now for a different sort of post – a book review for a definite chic-lit audience.

‘Never wear a pair of high heels on a film set no matter how good they may look!

After stumbling upon her favourite actor, Bethan’s life seems to take a turn for the better. All of a sudden, fabulous parties and mingling with celebs are part of her everyday routine. But she soon finds out that life behind the scenes comes with its own complications…. and Bethan is so not prepared for all this!’

I was very kindly sent a review copy of Sophie Childs’ book ‘Behind the Scenes’ and am taking part in the virtual book tour. The novel is the perfect for those lazy Sunday antics where you just want a little bit of escapism after a long week. This book is easy to read with a lighthearted tone and (some) likeable characters. Sophie Childs’ tale of following dreams is more realistic than I first anticipated it to be! You can recognise Bethan’s struggles with her boss from hell (make that two) and although I found the beginning of the book to focus on her complaining, it definitely picks up as you read on. With an almost a Disney-like vibe, Bethan actually has to work for her dream life and Sophie depicts a well-known scenario: when you’re feeling stuck and bored in life, what do you do? (Hello mid life crisis)

And so ensues a tale of Bethan struggling to fit into a new world, but I won’t say much more so I won’t spoil it for anyone who wants to pick up this charming flick. Sophie’s characters are also a lot deeper than I first realised, bringing in to play ideas of trust and relationships that are more than just face value. Immediately I disliked her boyfriend Lee (and not just because he’s in a band called Vampire Squirrels) which of course only made me more inclined to root for Bethan, as I’m sure the author intended. The dynamics between the heroine and the surrounding characters seem almost ever changing, keeping you wondering who is fake and who isn’t in a setting where putting on a false persona is your job.
Overall, this book was ideal for the moments where I wanted to lose myself in a sweet story that was so easy to read and enjoy. I was swept along on this journey and I look forward to seeing what else this author will write.
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