Get with the Times

You’d think that going out to buy a laptop in this day and age would be a pretty straightforward process, and you’re probably right seeing as I went out yesterday with my saved up money to buy myself a new laptop and am currently writing this post via said laptop. Now once you’ve decided what you need/want out of the laptop, have researched into different models and pretty much know what you’re going to get. What I didn’t factor in, however, was the fact that I’m a girl going out to buy a laptop.

Now don’t get me wrong – we, as a culture, have come a long way in terms of equality and, more recently, understanding that ‘feminist’ isn’t a word for a woman who wants to be superior to all men etc. However, there are some businesses who haven’t quite advanced to this stage and the laptop-buying scene is one of them.

So, let me tell you my tale of laptop-buying woe.

I first went to John Lewis with dear ol’ Dad, armed with my credit card and ready to rumble. It was a Saturday, so the shopping center was pretty busy, but we managed to wrestle our way into the technology section and have a look around. I was feeling pretty confident in my abilities to decide what I needed, but we still sought the advice of one of the employees.

This is where it goes downhill.

Immediately this man turns to my Dad and tells him all about the particular laptop we’d commented on, despite the fact that we’d just told him that this laptop was for me. Of course I want my Dad’s opinion, but I’d rather here the information about it from the employee and not have it told to me afterwards just because he won’t talk to me. You could argue that maybe the man thought my Dad was the one who was going to buy the laptop for me, which is fair enough, but this immediate assumption meant that there was no way that I wanted to buy a laptop there.

Onto PC World.

This was slightly better, but I briefed my Dad before and we clearly told the guy that I wanted to buy a new laptop for university. We did so much better, the guy actually talked to both of us and we decided on a laptop. The problem came when we approached checkout, as the man turned to my Dad and said ‘Will you be paying by card?’. So, obviously, I stepped in front of him and said maybe slightly too loudly, ‘Yes, I will be’.

You might be thinking that this isn’t that big of a deal, and once again you’d probably be right. It isn’t that big of a deal. It’s pretty irritating though that some people just haven’t got the memo that girls can actually venture into departments like technology, know something about what they want and actually pay for it themselves even when they’re in the presence of a man. So, if anyone cares enough to listen, this is me asking everyone to get with the times already.


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