A Guide to University: Transport, Boys and Cereal

I made a post a while ago about independence and what I wrote came to mind last night exactly 10 minutes before I was due to leave to go out for a improvisation show (which was pretty cool, actually). This is because I had planned to cook myself dinner as a girl’s gotta eat but, alas, with only ten minutes I had a very difficult decision to make. That is why for dinner last night I had a bowl of cereal and then almost half a cucumber in an attempt to make up for my lack of ‘healthy stuff’, because I’m independent and I can make my own choices. Such is the way of university living.

Seeing as cereal is normally the start of the day, travelling to uni is the usual next step (notice diabolical segue). Now London Transport is absolutely fantastic but it’s also one of the most infuriating things you’ll have to experience. Whether it’s struggling not to strangle the people who don’t understand how to use oysters or the people who stand on the left hand side of the escalators or the copious amounts of strikes and works on lines at the most irritating of times, you’re sure to get annoyed at something. The more observant of you may notice that I’ve described only the London tubes (apart from the strikes and, let me tell you, the bus strike the other week almost sent everyone into turmoil) and that’s probably because I use the tube the most. Very occasionally do I get the bus all the way from my university back to my accommodation as it takes longer, but it’s actually one of the nicest ways to travel. When I do get the bus all the way back, where I get on is the bus’ starting point so I usually sit at the top in the front seat (because why the hell wouldn’t you?). As I often do, I couldn’t help but think how incredible it is that the experience of having such a view as I travel down the Strand, through Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Oxford Street, Regent’s Street, Baker’s Street and more has almost become mundane to me. I see these notorious places all the time so now I don’t really take the time to think about how amazing it all is, and although I’m starting to sound like some kind of advertisement or like I’ve drunk too much, for some reason I felt the need to share it with you lot. I also noticed during my somewhat-sort-of-not-really epiphany that as I looked around trying to re-take in all the wonders of London, almost everywhere I looked people had their phones or iPads or cameras out. They were taking pictures of food they’d just bought or taking a selfie by a statue or recording someone dancing in the middle of the street. Yes, it’s wonderful to document everything but it seemed like no one was actually happy to experience everything first hand. They wanted to text their friends what they’d just bought or send a snapchat of a guy playing the bagpipes – you get the drift. It’s pretty sad when you actually think about what society has become and that, ladies and gentlemen, is my attempt at a ‘deep and meaningful thought of the day’.

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Moving swiftly on to the riveting, confusing and impossible subject of, you guessed it ladies, boys. It seems to me that a lot of people keep asking what I think of these creatures due to the fact that I went to an all girls secondary school, so it seems obvious to everyone that never in my life have I encountered them. To put you all straight I have actually interacted with the male species on various occasions in my time as, shock horror, when you go to an all girls school that doesn’t mean that it takes over every aspect of your life. It’s not like you suddenly lose contact with your father or brother or uncle or boyfriend or friends who just happen to have a Y chromosome. It’s not like when I see a boy I have a full on freak out.

Going To An All Girls' School: Stereotypes Vs. Reality

Despite all this, what I haven’t experienced a lot of before – at least, not since primary school – is dealing with guys who are in my lectures and seminars. Unfortunately I have had the displeasure of living with boys/men before (sorry-but-not-sorry to my brother – seriously, you could just try to replace the toilet paper at least once), but in an education environment? Not really. You see I’m used to being in a class where everyone is pretty comfortable and laid-back, answering questions if they can and participation is average. Add guys into the mix? Dear me. Suddenly I’m in seminars that deteriorate into pissing contests between guys who have to have different opinions and make sure that everyone knows their point and how clever they are. I’ll admit, you do get girls who are similar in being loud enough to make themselves heard, but I’ve yet to experience it to the same extent between two guys. I mean, jeez, we all understand that you know a lot about the topic but let the rest of us get a word in, would ya? Something else I haven’t always appreciated is the clothes. In my head, I though male clothing in university would consist of jeans, t-shirts and the like, but I’ve seen guys in onesies, in full on suits, in shorts that look more like pjs and even an array of hats. Seriously guys, some of you have some serious fashion taste – others, not so much. (An aside note to the guy who seems to be wearing shirts with flowers on despite other people taking the piss: you rock.)

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I think that’s my ramble for the day, and I don’t really think this is a particular ‘guide’ as such anymore. If anything, what you should take from this is: you can eat cereal whenever you damn want, don’t worry about people judging you, don’t waste away your experience by spending it on your phone, be wary of the guys (and gals) who think their thoughts are more important than your own and, because it should be mentioned twice, don’t worry about people judging you.

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