Independence and Rain

Independence is knowing that you have to make your own home.

Independence is realising that choosing who you live with is very important.

Independence is doing your own washing.

Independence is deciding if your meal needs vegetables.

Independence is hard.

I thought I’d seen all sides of London, whether it’s in lovely sun or chilly winds or the in between phase where it’s sunny but freezing, meaning you go out dressed in shorts and skirts and feel like you’ll lose a limb to frostbite. However today I experienced London in the rain, which seems to bring out the worst in people. Now not only do people shove past you without even an ‘excuse me’, but you’re also stuck with people with umbrellas that don’t care if they use it as way to push you aside. I’ve found there are three types of Londoners with umbrellas; first you have the tourist who is happy to drift along at their own place twirling around their umbrella like they’re in an adaption of Singing in the Rain as they are greeted by the infamous English rain. Next you have your everyday person with an average umbrella, fed up with the rain and wanting to just get from one dry place to another without having their feet soaked by vehicles driving through what seems like every possible puddle that can hit you. Finally you have the people with the obnoxiously large umbrellas – often who are men in suits that most believe are overcompensating for other *ahem* areas – and use their large shield against the weather as a tool of mass destruction, slamming into other people’s umbrellas and knocking them out of their way as they storm towards wherever they please to go, leaving carnage in their wake.

Another thing about the rain is that it really brings out the clumsiness in me. It started off just sliding through the tube station, my shoes slipping on the wet surface, then it progressed to almost face-planting the floor of the jubilee line tube in the busy hours of a Monday morning with all the commuters watching with keen eyes, hoping for a spectacular fall for Monday morning entertainment. The grand finale was stepping off the bus with my Sainsbury’s shopping into the rain and as I walked along I tripped, dropped the umbrella and my bag split. As my lettuce rolled away from me, I attempted to gather up my food and rain shield (which was futile at this point) and looked up angrily at all the Londoners who refused to make eye contact or help me.

However, I think the worst part of today was being stopped by someone from a charity. Now before you jump to conclusions and click the ‘Unfollow’ button, hear me out. I’m one of the few people who actually make an effort to stop and listen, knowing that charity is a good thing (duh) and that the people selling charities to you have been rejected more times than you ever will. Unfortunately, as a student, there is no way that I can afford to give away any money – I’m struggling to get by as it is. This is why, when I’m stopped, I immediately tell them that although I can listen, I may not be of any help as I don’t have any money. This guy, however, wasn’t having that. I won’t name the charity because that would just be unnecessary, but he continually said ‘Oh, you have no money, do you?’ and ‘Even though you have no money’ et cetera et cetera. Sigh. Even after saying ‘I’m a student’ he still wasn’t having it. Only after all his bitching did he ask how old I was, in which I told him 18, and he said that I was ‘useless to him’ because I needed to be 24. Well, you should have started with that information shouldn’t you?

18 Feelings Everyone Who Lives In London Knows All Too Well

That’s my entry today for my ‘London Chronicles’ (aka blabbering on about my time in London to all of you lovely people). Hope you’re well and enjoy the weather!


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