Day 5 in Manchester

Results day has come and gone like a rocket on fire with a bunch of screaming teenagers inside. (How about that for a simile?) Waking up with a dog on my bed certainly made me feel like home and I almost – almost – missed the room in Manchester with it’s thin duvet, awful mattress and scratchy sheets. 


Back to results – HUZZAH I’m into my first choice: Kings College London! Although it was an AAA offer, they accepted my application with A*AB with A* in English and B in Geography (only a few UMS off an A grrr). 

After the stressful panic that was this morning, I took the train back to good ol’ Manchester. The journey was pretty uneventful, but on my first train the only space left for me was by the toilets. (Thanks to the guy who was in there for 10 minutes and left a stink that rivals the Swamp monster in his wake.) On the second train, I thought I was in a pretty secluded spot so when ‘Defying Gravity’ sung by Idina Menzel in the musical Wicked came on, it felt like nobody could see me. This meant that of course I nodded my head along to the music, punched my fist in the air a few times and shamelessly mouthed all the words. What didn’t help was looking up through the crack of the two seats in front of me to see a guy giving me the weirdest look I think I’ve ever seen in my life. Also one I’m bound to see again in the future. 

One of the funniest things about the journey was that I sent a text to my Dad, excited about my offer, saying ‘Holy crap, batman!’. He called me about thirty seconds later to ask if I knew his car reads out his texts when he’s driving and it caused quite a panic when his car suddenly exclaimed ‘HOLY CRAP’. I wish I was there to see it. 

I didn’t have long in the office today unfortunately, just a couple of hours, but we managed to pack quite a bit in anyway. Bekki and I were given a task to find a story within an article, and of course we spent our time trying to think of a witty headline and puns to fit the story. It was about someone escaping a prison sentence due to the fact that he was the carer for his children, and what Bekki and I didn’t think of was that this story wouldn’t fit a national newspaper, but what is interesting is the fact that a mother walked out on her husband and twelve children, one that was only a baby. It was interesting to learn about trying to find the story within an article that will appeal and sell to a wider audience, in this case even gaining a whole page spread. 

After this enlightenment, Bekki and I wandered through a Chinese market and decided to pick up a Moon Cake each to try. Admittedly, it was the cheapest one we could find so the one bite of it we had didn’t really go down well, but at least we tried. We made up for it by going for dinner in China town (see all the shameless pictures I took below) and it was another first for Bekki. Of course what didn’t help was her wanting to call the Chinese waiter cute, so attempted to be ‘incognito’ by saying ‘He is so kawaii!’. The plan was clearly not thought through. Also it didn’t help that Bekki decided his name should be Wan U, only to be incredibly disappointed when his name turned out to be Choi. Dear me.


008 009


And I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got for today. It’s our last day tomorrow, so the last day blog might not be up until Saturday as we get back late – but I’ll try my very bestest. 


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