Day 4 in Manchester

After today, I feel like I should write a book called ‘The Perks of being a journo’ – unlikely to become a bestseller but, hey, it would make me happy. 

Today has been a bit of a roller coaster day for me, mainly because results are tomorrow and my mood went up and down whenever I was reminded of this fact. This is why this post is going up early today (aka before any funky dinner snaps) as I’m getting the 2 hour train home tonight to get results in the morning then travel back again. Jeez

Also – shutting down UCAS and MyApplication the day before results, refusing to let it go live until tomorrow morning at 8.15am?

Going To An All Girls' School: Stereotypes Vs. Reality

Anyway, today was actually pretty interesting. Bekki and I had a hazard-free morning on the way to work, if you forget the fact that Bekki was wearing (really cute) sandals whilst it was raining. We stopped by Costa for breakfast (and no I’m not getting paid for advertising…but that would be nice Costa if you’re out there) which for me consisted of a (very healthy) White Chocolate and Raspberry muffin. I can say that we most definitely ate our muffins with the utmost sophistication.

Going To An All Girls' School: Stereotypes Vs. Reality

It’s also just occurred to me that I’ve used more brackets in this post already than I think I have in any other post I’ve written. Weird.

We weren’t even at the office for an hour today before we started the two minute walk to court! Along with one of the reporters, we sat in on several cases and even on one that could potentially make a national paper. I found it so interesting that in some cases people couldn’t come to their hearing, such as someone in prison, so there were lots of video calls instead. Another fun thing is that in direct view of the waiting hall before entering the court rooms is a perfectly placed billboard in the car park advertising ‘Criminal Solicitors’. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call effective marketing. 

002 003

Now this whole ‘Perks of being a Journo’ comes in when we come back from the court as not only were Bekki and I given a free notebook and pen (seriously, they’re expensive these days), but Greggs casually dropped by a hamper to The Sun office to try some new sandwiches. FREE FOOD, people. Definite perk. 

After lunch and writing up one of the cases, Bekki and I were given a slightly disturbing/fascinating/addictive website that is the perfect tool for journalists. It essentially allows you to type in any name or address or date of birth and find a list of people who you can click on to find more information. AKA the perfect weapon for stalking. I’ll admit, I thought it was pretty cool when I typed in my name and it popped up – what was not cool was realising that anyone could type in my name and find out my number, address and date of birth. Yikes.

This brings me to now, procrastinating as I pack my bag to go home and trying not to think about results tomorrow, eating minstrels as if they’ll build a shield against the horrors the future may bring.

Hopefully tomorrow’s blog will be a bit cheerier. 




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