Summer antics

Summer can entail many different things. For one person, it could involve going on holiday and basking in the sun, but for someone else it’s going where the snow is to ski. For others, summer is all about meeting up with friends and family when you’re not at work, but for someone else it’s meeting up with friends and family who are on holiday whilst you still have to go to work. For me, I was worried that I’d just get bored trying to entertain myself.

I was sure that this summer was going to be a great one – seeing as it is supposedly the ‘best summer ever’ between finishing school and starting university. You could say I was a bit disappointed when on my first day of freedom, there was no holiday booked but there was a lot of work down at the local pub with only a week of work experience to look forward to. Now, here I am two days before my work experience begins and I’m happy to say that, so far, this summer hasn’t been so bad. 

Seeing as my last post was a bit miserable (hell, I even called it ‘summer blues’ for crying out loud), I figured that this post should be about the best day in my summer I’ve had so far. It may surprise some of you, but for others it won’t come as a shock, to find out that my favourite day so far has been at the local dog show.

The show was hardly Crufts-worthy, but everyone in the village treated it like it was the most prestigious occasion and when you won a rosette, it was an honour as you had groomed your dog so well and trained them so impeccably that of course your skills should be recognised.

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With Pete at my side, we marched up the road after a ten minute groom which involved me yanking a brush through his coat whilst he looked at me like I’d…well, like I’d kicked a puppy. We didn’t have time for a roll in the fields this time though as there was no chance that I’d let my very over-excited golden retriever ruin all the hard work I’d put into making him look somewhat less bedraggled. It was about time that we won some prizes – because we all know that local charity dog shows are the highest we can aim for.


When we arrived at the show, we joined the queue to sign up for the show and, like everyone else, we spent a long time deciding which competitions we’d enter. It was obvious that we had to enter Pete into ‘Handsomest Dog’ and ‘Waggiest Tail’ (especially as I was equipped with cheese), but I was just about to sign up for best trick when we caught sight of someone essentially doing the quick step with her dog. As our best trick was ‘kiss’ or turning right and left, in comparison to this dynamic duo it felt like we had only just mastered how to juggle with three tennis balls only then to catch sight of someone juggling four knives, five eggs, a baby, and three tennis balls that were lit on fire.

LeFou with eggs

Yeah, there was no chance that we’d win that category.

We settled for our original two competitions and, whilst trying to pass the time, we chatted to pretty much everyone as I tried to cuddle every dog there. I’d spent all my money on show entries and a Games tent (which was a rip off, I may add) so I didn’t have enough money for a hot dog, which is when it does come in handy that you know the person who runs the ice cream truck. There was even a cute little tent which offered shade for dogs as well as big bowls of water. It was right next to the Dogs Trust tent who rewarded dogs that could sit with a treat.

In the end, Pete placed second in the ‘Most Handomest’ as we were beaten by a little black spaniel and fifth in ‘Waggiest Tail’, though I hear they were attempting to let everyone win a rosette. I was surprised that amongst the smell of hot dogs and squealing of children as they chased the Chihuahua puppies, Pete didn’t have a heart attack. I’m sure it was his ideal heaven: dogs, people, food, and two rosettes that just proved his incredible lineage.

What makes this better? I hear there’s a dog show in a couple weeks in a neighbouring town. It also has a Wild West theme, so Pete and I are going in style.

Hope you all have a great summer!


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