Summer Blues

Summer is the time that pretty much everyone looks forward to, mainly because it’s the time when there’s no school, less work, and much nicer weather. When I was growing up, particularly in secondary school, ‘Summer’ = holiday. It was the time when we had no homework (sorry, correction, homework that we could pretend not to have until the last day of summer) and lots of fun. Everyone looked forward to hot weather, visits to the beach, parties with friends and, again, no school.

But there is one problem with summer I’ve found for people who are towards the end of their education. I’ve noticed it the past two years – probably because it’s only affected me the last two years – and this year it’s even worse. This is because summer can still mean holidays and sun and beaches and ice cream and no school, but it is also a waiting game. A very long, very horrible, waiting game. You see, my last exam was June 18th and I still have to wait until August 14th for my results. The results which will determine which university I go to which affects what degree I’ll get and what jobs I’ll get and the money I’ll earn and how I’ll live the rest of my whole life.

Bloody marvelous.

It’s gotten to the point where the first few weeks of incredulity that summer has arrived again has worn off and, as my holiday is after results, in has settled the nagging issue of counting down days until I can stop worrying and enjoy myself.

I’ve kind of found that as I’m approaching results day, it’s like jumping off a cliff. You’ve done all you can do, invested in all the right gear (my wonderful-but-not-so-creative metaphor for revision) and brought along the people you care about to watch. You’ve then jumped off the cliff, not knowing if you’ll land in the water or on a rock (this metaphor is now getting a bit gruesome). At first, the free fall is exhilarating, exciting and you forget about everything else. Then the you see the bottom fast approaching, begin panicking and BAM – there are your summer blues.

Tarzan does a belly flip

Now, I’m fully aware that everyone goes through this – whether it’s waiting for school exam results, or having results from a test on your health, or that horrid few minutes wait after a driving test to see if you’ve passed and so on. I just hate the fact that I have to wait almost two months for results that will determine the rest of my life and, because I own a blog, you guys get to hear about it.

Where is this blog post going now, I hear you wondering? Well, the past few posts I’ve made have been me trying to make a ‘point’. Hell, my last one I was so angry at everyday sexism that I made a post about misogyny and before that I’ve tried my hand a book reviews because I read so much that I want to do something useful with it. I’ve decided as I’ve hit the part of the summer where I’m just stressed about results and not able to enjoy what is supposedly ‘the best summer ever’ as an 18 year old, I thought I’d post some things that have made this summer pretty damn awesome so far.

First of all, if you’re like me and in England, it’s WARM and not just England warm where you go outside and don’t need an umbrella because some sun is breaking through the clouds, but so warm it’s HOT and you can actually see clear blue skies! Only problem is that now that it’s hot in England, people are starting to whinge. There should be a big sign saying ‘We moan when it’s hot, we moan when it’s cold – welcome to England’.

Secondly, I’ve found that my increased Classics knowledge from studying the subject at A level and learning about so many different tragedies in English has enabled me to enjoy the Disney film ‘Hercules’ even more. Take for example, this quote:

24 Disney Comebacks For Every Occasion

Or, the most under appreciated joke I’ve ever seen:

Thirdly, I also think sleeping is completely underrated when you’re young. I’ve recently found during my (clearly productive) summer that sleeping is a great way to chill out and forget about exams – mainly because you’re unconscious, but also anxiety dreams don’t exactly help either.

SPNG Tags: Dean / Would taking pictures of him / sleeping / be stalkerish? / because he’s freaking adorable / Looking for a particular Supernatural reaction gif? This blog organizes them so you don’t have to spend hours hunting them down.

Something else that’s been great about this summer is that I’ve recently discovered a couple of awesome websites and, I’m afraid gents, both involve clothes. The first is everything five pounds and, I kid you not, it is a beautiful place which also has some actually decent clothes and shoes – all for £5. The next website is qwertee which is no less amazing but only sells t-shirts and hoodies at £8 and £10. Why so great you say? Well, because the t-shirt designs are launched 2 at a time every twelve hours and only for 24 hours. If you go on right now, you’ll be taken to a page where it will showcase four t-shirt designs but, if you go back in 24 hours, those designs will be GONE. I’ve discovered the hardships of this when I talked myself out of buying a t-shirt and then thoroughly regretted it when the time ran out. This is why I didn’t hesitate in buying this Spirited Away t-shirt for £8:

View photo (1).JPG in slide show

Spirited Away

But the best part about qwertee is that in your packaging where your long awaited t-shirt lies, they put in a little packet of haribo! It’s THE BEST.

Another thing that’s pretty cool about this summer is that I’m getting ready for university and doing more adult-y things, such as driving, being able to go out and buy alcohol and even setting up an ebay account. Go me.

And finally, to top it all off, I’ve found a Twitter simply called Texts From My Dog and, if you haven’t seen any of these yet, you’ve really missed out.

And, just in case you were wondering, my dog also barks at his farts. Last week he farted when he was asleep, jumped up looking terrified, and ran out the room.

But hey, at least he’s cute.

Happy Summer!