One in 7 Billion

I am a completely insignificant person. I am just one in 7 billion, but I’m sure there are plenty of others like me. There are millions of other teenagers, other girls with blonde hair, other people with blogs – hell, there are just a ton of other people. To be honest, there isn’t much about me that’s screams ‘I’m unique’ and if a book was written about me, I don’t think it would be that interesting. I have 432 friends on facebook (a number which will decrease this summer when I finish school so I can delete people and not feel guilty about it when I see them in the corridor), I have a dismal 86 followers on Twitter, and a surprising 48 followers on this blog. 

But what about in five years time? Ten? Twenty? The possibilities are pretty endless. I could win the lottery, I could change my career and become the next Prime Minister, I could go and try my luck at wooing Prince Harry, I could end up in the next ‘Harry Potter’ and be the new Emma Watson. 

Something a little less ‘out there’: I could actually succeed in my Journalism dreams and end up on the television on Breakfast TV, or This Morning, or reading the headlines on BBC news whilst I shuffle papers on a desk like all good news readers do. Even better, I could be reviewing books all day, or movies, or music – I could go out to concerts all the time, be sent CDs, maybe even meet a few stars. I could be on BBC Radio 2, I could feature on Absolute radio, I could write for NME, or Time Out or-

The possibilities are endless. The opportunities to do what you want to do are all there. The chances to change the world are within reach. You don’t always need all As in school or a first in your degree or even a degree at all. 

So maybe I am insignificant at the moment – just a speck in the giant picture of things – but maybe one day my speck can become a dot or a dash of colour. 

Jeez, re-reading that I realise how cheesy/whacko/false-inspirational that sounds, but that’s what you get for the last day of the holidays as you contemplate your existence after churning out a few essays and worrying over all upcoming exams. Let’s hope that you 48 don’t unfollow like some of my Twitter followers did – apparently not everyone likes seeing pictures of your dog pulling funny faces. Who knew?


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