Water for Thought

Today someone has been dumped by their first love and someone else got divorced. Today someone has lost a relative and someone else has had a miscarriage. Today someone also has lost a friend to cancer or have just found out that they don’t have long to live. 

A bit of a depressing start to a blog post, but the awful truth is that none of the above are lies. There are so many awful, horrendously sad things happening in the world right now and when watching the news there is nothing to be happy about. There is the awful mystery of the Malaysia flight MH370 or the attempted murder of three women with a hammer or even the death of Peaches Geldof at age 25. With so many awful things going on, I think it’s time to spread a bit of happiness. 

The idea for this blog struck me at 11pm (exactly) last night and today I decided that it wasn’t too bad of an idea, because sometimes my 11pm self does not always make much sense. Take the title for example – my 11pm self thought it was a fantastic idea because you don’t only need food for thought, but water to make them grow. My 11pm self also came up with the idea for a charity that would be dedicated to giving out hugs to anyone and everyone, anytime and any place. According to my 11pm self, this would solve so many problems because sometimes all you need is a hug to brighten your day. 

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As you’ve probably guessed, I leave my 11pm self’s thoughts locked away. 

My plan was to just start talking about something so wonderful that it would make everyone reading this exceptionally happy for a good few minutes. I was going to start talking about the wonder that is pancakes and how American pancakes are just so beautifully delicious with golden syrup that I want to cry or how I wonder if those pancakes really do taste good with bacon and maple syrup. BUT THEN I thought of my friend who does not like pancakes or bacon – I kid you not, I’m not making this girl up. I then thought ‘what if someone reading this blog is like my friend – because surely she can’t be the only one not to like bacon or pancakes – so when they read this they’re only wearing a grimace, not a smile’. 

Then I thought – forget it. Instead of writing about something that people love universally – which I don’t know if that actually exists as Chandler from Friends proves that not everyone likes puppies – I thought I’d write about a few things that have made me smile in the past week.

1. My wonderful Grandpa. 

In a previous blog post I’ve mentioned how one day I’m going to publish a book which will sell for millions and all it will have written inside it are comments from my Grandpa – who we fondly change between calling him ‘Gramps’ and ‘Grumps’. This is the man, ladies and gentlemen, who called me up asking about ‘The Google’ and how his computer didn’t have ‘The Google’. Even though he has internet, his internet does not have ‘The Google’. 

Within the last week, however, he did something that has made everyone burst out into laughter – and by everyone I mean the people I have told which adds up to about eight. You see, I tried to call him from my mobile earlier on and he didn’t pick up, so I just went over to my Grandparents house deciding that I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. Of course they didn’t, but when I arrived my Grandpa was there telling me that he’d left a message on my phone. When I asked why, he replied, ‘Because you told me to’. I answered, ‘When did I tell you to leave a message on my phone?’ 

Grandpa answers, ‘Because when I called you back, you said “Hi this is Eleanor, please leave me a message and I’ll call you back”. 

Oh Grandpa. 

There are no words. 

(Thank you for the millions I will make on the book about you which I will publish)

2. Little things add up.

Like every other little sister in the world, there have been times when I’ve thought, ‘Ugh, why do I have to have a brother?’ Seriously though, he sometimes farts in my direction when we’re sitting on the sofa, he doesn’t clean the toilet always behind him, he sometimes leaves the toilet seat up, he doesn’t always brush his teeth or put his plates in the dishwasher…. But honestly, my big brother is the best brother in the world and there is nothing you lot can do about it

Let me tell you just some of the few reasons why – all of these reasons which have happened in the past few days. 

Out of everyone in the world, there is no one who I prefer driving with than my brother – including my driving instructor. Not only is he a good driver, but he makes me feel like a good driver and even takes me out driving so I can practice in the car we share (which not many almost-22-year-olds would do). Yesterday I drove him into town and when we pulled into a petrol station he went into pay only to come out and give me a chocolate bar because ‘I drove so well here’. 

Another thing that happened was that I mentioned to Joe’s girlfriend that I would love to borrow one of her books, but unfortunately she couldn’t find it for me to read. I didn’t think about it again until ten minutes later Joe tells me that he’s ordered the book for me and it will arrive in a few days for me to read. Now COME ON, how can he NOT win the best brother contest?

So thanks Joe – basically you’re the best. 

3. Reading. Yes, reading. I talk way too much about books, I realise, but reading is just such a beautiful thing. My book recommendation for today is ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green – the second book to ever make me cry – and if you haven’t read it, READ IT NOW. I don’t care if you’re old or young, boy or girl, human or alien – you must read this book! And if you’ve already read it, that’s great, so GO READ IT AGAIN. 

Seriously though, I think of a book idea and start writing thinking ‘THIS IS A GREAT IDEA, YAY!’ and then I read a book by John Green and think ‘Never mind, my idea sucks’. His books are so beautifully written and heartbreakingly wonderful, so I definietly recommend ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. Once you’ve read that, read, ‘Looking for Alaska’ and ‘Paper Towns’. Ok? Cool. 

4. (I think I’m on number four, aren’t I? If not it doesn’t matter because these are HAPPY THINGS SO THERE SHOULD BE MANY) My Classics teacher likes using the word ‘bamboozle’ – a real word, in case you were wondering – so I looked it up in the thesaurus and found out my two new favourite words (that actually exist): hornswoggle and flimflam. These words make me very happy. Yeah. That’s about it, really. 

I hope something from this blog has cheered you up because if yes then I HAVE SUCCEEDED! If not, I hope you like cats because click here for a video that might just cheer you up more than this. 

That’s all for today folks – hope you’re all smiling and, if not, here is a hug from me to you. ~Eleanor



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