A Few Short Musings

Nothing important here I’m afraid, but just a few short musings and discoveries – even a gif or two if you’re lucky (if you can’t tell by my last few posts, I’ve only just discovered how to insert gifs – aka magical moving pictures – into my blog).

Musing number one: It’s International Women’s Day today and although I’m all for equality, it makes me wonder how much we’ve really changed if we actually need a day dedicated to celebrating a gender. Oh well, it does shed some light on some facts. For example did you know that 1% of tiled land in the world in owned by women? Then again, did you also know that there are currently 17 countries with women as head of government, head of state, or both which, according to the UN, has more than doubled since 2005? (Facts courtesy of the Independent and the Guardian)

Musing number two: I just watched my advert and I think everyone needs to watch it. No questions asked. Watch this.

Musing number three: I want to be one of those people who in the future one day is referenced to as having this life altering quote. Like how you see all those pictures of Marilyn Monroe with inspiration quotes (most of which I don’t think she said) but still, that would be pretty cool. Something like: no matter who you are or how you feel, a dog will still love you.

Puppy Reacts to Girl’s Crying

Musing number four: Now that I think about it, these really aren’t musings. This is just a bunch of things that don’t fit into any blog post on their own as their just things that go through my brain. Huh. And now I feel like I’m wasting your time – well, the time of the lovely people who follow me anyway. (Hi, people)

Musing number five: This post is really going downhill.


Musing number six: I’d better stop now. Bye!



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