Writing a book

One of the most popular topics of discussion at the moment is how ‘easy it is to write a book’ due to the fact that now anyone can self publish something they write on sites like amazon. Now, before we go any further with that, I think it is extremely important that we amend that statement. At the moment it is ‘easy to PUBLISH a book’, not write a book – big difference there, buddy. You know why? Because anyone can publish a book now if they have access to a computer and have basic understanding of how to work one, but not anyone can write a book – well, not anyone can write a good book at least. 

It really annoys me – well, many things annoy me and this is just another one – how so many people claim that they can write good books just because they have one published. In a lot of cases this can be true, whether they’re books have been discovered or not; I’ve read a ton of books that are on amazon for free by unknown authors that I think are fantastic and need more credit, but I’ve also ready far too many books which are just plain ridiculous. There was one that I got for free and thought, ‘Hey, fantastic! Free book!’ without even considering it wouldn’t be good. I started to read it and there was a girl who was hiding a secret from a boy and then, I kid you not, there was one paragraph shoved in the middle of the first few pages saying, ‘I just have to keep my distance from him because he can’t know that last month I saved him from a demon attack that almost killed him and by sacrificing my life for him I became his guardian angel and even though I’m completely in love with him I must stay true to my new responsibility’. 

What. The. Hell. 

There is also someone I know who is claiming that they wrote this book ‘in, like, a week’ and they’re getting it published because it’s so amazing and it will definitely hit the bestsellers list. Now I’m not one to judge (who am I kidding, I judge anyway hence the reason I have a blog) because the book may be great, but for an unpublished author to arrogantly state that a book they wrote in a week will be undoubtedly fantastic is just pushing it a bit too far for me. 

I’ve said this a thousand times, but it’s no secret that I want to one day be an author. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and this blog actually started for me to post snippets of things that I’d written in the hopes of gaining some feedback. I realised not long after that not only was it silly to post it online as anyone can steal it, but more importantly that I’m only 17 and whenever I look back at writing I’ve done from over a year ago I can’t help thinking that it wasn’t that great and how much I’ve improved. If I think that now, what will my writing be like in another year or five? I still have to get through school and university, so who knows how my writing style will change? There is one book idea (which I’ve finally finished writing) that I like, but I doubt that I’ll get it published any time soon because of how much I improve all the time. I’ve also been writing this for a good few solid months, maybe even a year or so by now, and I’m now going through it all over again to edit it because I want it to be a good product and not littered with mistakes that a lot of eBooks have nowadays. 

I’m not sure what else I can really say on this subject because I think it’s pretty clear what people should do/learn: writing a book isn’t easy, don’t publish something just because you can and, at the end of the day, if you actually care about writing and producing something fantastic rather than just wanting to make money, you won’t publish willy-nilly anyway. 

Followers: Don’t worry, I’m not going to delete the blog! I’ve been slow to update recently, but that’s due to trying to be a responsible student, and doesn’t have anything to do with the previous post.

But anyway, I really should go back to revising instead of clogging up your time by ranting and raving about things that I can’t change. Oh well, that’s me for the day – let me know what you think.



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