Female segregation in UK University

There used to be a rule at a golf club that women had to enter through the back entrance and they were segregated from the men. Crazy, right? What if I were to tell you that this was still happening today but instead of golf clubs, in universities? Don’t believe me? Well, female students were banned from speaking at a seminar run by an Islamic society at lead university Queen Mary University of London.

If that weren’t bad enough, female students had to walk through a different entrance to the male students and were segregated from them, forced to sit at the back of the lecture theatre. Men were allowed to ask questions at the end of the lecture, but the female students could only ask questions by writing them down and passing them to the male speaker of of the event.

I find it incredible that something like this is still happening today. At the moment, I have to write coursework for school about forms of empowerment for women, immigrants and other typically oppressed groups. I have to talk about how different the society is within the books I’m studying to the one we are in today. I have to say how awful it was for women to be discriminated against and how different it is to today’s society, but this isn’t entirely true.

How can something as degrading to women be still happening now? Who has the right to force this kind of segregation which reminds me of the segregation that used to happen in cinemas, forcing any ‘coloureds’ to sit at the back. What does it say about us, in England, that this is still happening? What reasonable, intellectual argument can possibly justify this explicit discrimination?

That’s my rant for the day, but if you want to read more about what I’ve discussed then take a look here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2524183/Female-students-banned-speaking-Islam-seminar-University-Leicester.html


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