Autumn Rose (The Dark Heroine, Book 2)

I was given the chance to read ‘Autumn Rose’ before it’s release date (Jan 30th) to give my review! Admittedly, I was so excited about being sent a free copy that i launched right into the book without reading around it. It’s for this reason why I didn’t realise that this was in fact a sequel! 

Nevertheless, I’ve read Autumn Rose and I will do my best to review it without giving anything away to those of you who are loyal fans to the series!

Autumn Rose has the chance to save the world she loves.
But how much will she have to sacrifice to achieve it?

This is a book that I wouldn’t have normally picked up – which may surprise a lot of you – but I’m so grateful that my attention was brought to it. As an aspiring author/writer, I’m always excited when an English author gains attention and, as I read Autumn Rose, I was desperate for the series to do well. 

Autumn is a fifteen year old girl who is, by far, one of the most complex fifteen year old girls I have ever read about. Not only does she have the usual fifteen year old troubles, but she is also burdened with the responsibility of being a guardian of her town and dealing with her own depression among other things. Despite this, she was a likeable character with a wonderful, sarcastic outlook to many things which I can relate to. 

And the worst thing? (I have inserted a rhetorical question. Am I ticking the grading-rubric boxes now?)

As a Sage, Autumn has many things she has to face and, as a sequel, it easily matches the first with Abigail Gibbs’ excellent writing. I was able to sympathise with this heroine and enjoy reading her tale. 

I’m a match in the darkness compared to her beacon of elegance and decorum. Strike me and I’d struggle to even fizzle; she would burn for hours.

For fans of the first novel, no need to fear; Violet and Kaspar’s story continues within this addition to the series. For those of you unaware of the series, if you enjoy a bit of fantasy and adventure with some romance thrown in, then I’d recommend checking out this author. 


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