As some of you may notice, it just happens to be Halloween today. I always thought that this ‘holiday’ was a bit rubbish because if someone comes to your door saying ‘trick or treat’, you’re never allowed to ask for the trick. Come on now, you’re offering to show me a trick or to take a treat so why would I give my sweets to you when I can get you to perform a trick for me? Of course if it’s a group of young kids then I’ll happily hand over my sweets just so that their parents have to deal with their hyper-active (children dressed up as) monsters, but if you’re a teenager then surely you can do something to earn me giving you my sugary goodies.

Call me the Halloween Grinch, but I also don’t like how Halloween has evolved. One memory I have of Halloween when I was young was my Dad telling me that I had to put some effort into it if I wanted to get any sweets. He made sure I put a lot of effort into my costume and, when he was happy that I had really put an effort in, he let me loose. My excitement didn’t even dim when one elderly neighbour screamed and shut the door in my face or when another gave me a satsuma.

These days, most kids just get their costumes from shops which were bought by Mum and Dad just so that, for one day, they can go out and take sweets from people.

Jeez, I really do sound like a Halloween Grinch. 


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