Summer Days – French It Up

The best thing about working is when you stop and do nothing.

I’ve luckily been able to spend 10 days in France with my parents and a friend for my 2nd/3rd week of my Summer. We spent the first week in our house in the Dordogne doing absolutely nothing (aka relaxing, reading, eating too much, some walking – but not much). I wish there was more to tell you about it, even drop a few little jokes here and there, but all I can think of is that the weather was fantastic.

One thing I love about going to France is the culture. The food is bloody fantastic and the people are just as great, but I just love the little things that you would otherwise look over if you travel a lot. Take their greeting, for instance: in France you kiss each other on their cheeks twice to say hello. Now picture this: we’re sitting outside in a bar when we see your regular local gang of guys. They look rough, unimpressed and the usual moody ‘we don’t care’ attitude. Instead of strolling over to one another and doing the manly fist bump, they instead kiss each other because that’s what happens in France. Everyone else finds it completely normal whereas we English folk are staring with mouths agape.

A lot of people find this way of greeting uncomfortable, but it’s mainly us female folk who have to do it all the time; men can usually get away with giving other men handshakes. I still remember how angry I was that my brother only had to shake this elderly gentleman’s hand when we were younger whereas I had to kiss him and feel the full glory that was his beard. Not an experience I care to repeat, but c’est la vie.

I adore travelling, so it’s no wonder that after a week I’m ready to move on to the next place and see something new. My parents are avid golfers (and I quite enjoy the game myself) so for a few nights we went to a golf hotel Saint Saens. It was beautiful there and I think the beach was my favourite part which wasn’t too far away in Dieppe. Of course I have riding on a horse along a beach on my bucket list, but I didn’t quite have the chance to do that just yet.

After that, we went to spend one night in Le Touquet which was beautiful. The busy highstreet was incredible with wonderful shops. The french clothes are amazing, the patisserie was amazing, the chocolatiere is amazing – it’s safe to say that I am rather plump now. We went out for lunch and dinner there in two different places. At lunch I had a pizza (because why the hell not) and at dinner I had prawns, the fish of the day and sorbet.

All in all, it was all incredible (apart from getting ill from dehydration, but I’ve had worse) and I’m sad that we had to leave, but it is nice to be back home where speaking is suddenly a lot easier as everyone understands you. If you want to have a visual, keep an eye on my Youtube channel where I’ll be posting a video of the holiday within the next few days.

Once again, thanks for reading! Hope you’re having a lovely Summer and I’ll post again soon ~ El.




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