One thing that I love to do is going to see plays. I’ve seen my fair few and they have been absolutely fantastic. I admit, I do like a good musical (I’ve seen Wicked twice, Billy Elliot, Lion King, Legally Blonde) but I love seeing classical plays brought to life. I’ve seen a contemporary performance of Medea and I love seeing Shakespeare plays. 

The first Shakespeare play I saw was Macbeth and I loved the RSC’s take on it, but last Friday I had the opportunity to see Twelfth Night. As it was a birthday present to me, I only knew the location (Hampstead Theatre, London) and which play it was. I had no idea that I was about to see one of the best plays – possibly THE best – I have ever seen. 

I don’t want to reveal any spoilers in case you want to see this particular performance (which I highly recommend), so I will do my best to convey how amazing this play is. 

The company performing Twelfth Night was none other than Propeller. I have to admit, if I had been told that I was going to see an all-male production then I would have been a bit skeptical. HOWEVER it couldn’t have been better. As Shakespeare would have been performed by an all male cast back in the day, it was great to see a modern version. Propeller are fantastic actors, amazing musicians and hilarious comedians. 

To name a few, I especially loved Liam O’Brien as Feste, the fool, as not only was he a brilliant actor but his voice – my goodness, his voice was incredibly. The director and co. definitely have credit for the brilliant lines, but the actors made the play what it is. I also adored Ben Allen as Olivia, and bravo to the makeup team, and Vince Leigh as Sir Toby was perfect. Yet, I have to say, along with O’Brien, Gary Shelford as Maria won the crown for me. I know I said no spoilers, and this doesn’t really count, but MAN can he dance. 

Overall, it was perfect and I really hope you look them up (! I’m definitely going to see them again as I want to see their adaptation of another of Shakespeare’s plays. It was funny, witty and just…wow. 

Thank you Propeller for a great evening and thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read this. 


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