Writer’s block is incredibly annoying, but there are cures. For me, I find that all I need is some inspiration but, unfortunately, it can be really difficult to be so inspired. Some say that what you need to do is read something completely different or watch a film you’d never watch, go to places you have never visited before. I tried watching some films that I wouldn’t normally watch to cure my block, but I ended up just getting bored.

You never know when you will get really inspired, but I’ve found an unlikely source for inspiration: the norm. Ok, so it sounds stupid but for me I’ve found that my life has so many different opportunities for me to get inspired from, however, because it’s normal for me I completely overlook it. 

Take school for example: I go to an all-girls school and I’m about to start my final year. There are so many things that have happened at school that I just overlook, but when I mention them to other people suddenly my tales are enthralling. It’s the little things, like how when getting ready for a night out one girl’s bra was too big so we had to use duct tape to tighten it. I then think of the things my brother used to tell me when he was at an all-boys school and all of the differences. Even better, how when some boys are on our school’s territory suddenly everyone – and I mean everyone – is appraising them. Whether they like it or not, they will have all the girls discussing them in great, gruesome detail which I’d rather not elaborate on. 

I was feeling the effects of the block earlier today and even walking my dog down a different route didn’t help me. My inspiration came from somewhere that I didn’t expect whatsoever when my parents came home. 

My Mum is a professional flute player and tomorrow she has a concert, so some musicians who are also playing in the concert are staying the night. Somehow we ended up watching the saxophonist pouring a glass of wine WITH his saxophone WHILST he was playing. It was just so completely bizarre and so ridiculous, but everyone was laughing as we watched on. Little things like this is what helps my Writer’s block by being inspired. 

If you were to ask me now ‘how do you cure writer’s block?’, the honest answer is that you have to just wait for something to hit you. Instead of just sitting around, staring at a blank page, go out and do something or just spend time with family, friends, pets – whoever you can find. Go sit in a cafe and write down the characteristics of everyone sitting around you; make up life stories for them and a history, be it entertaining or not. 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it, and please drop a comment on what you think as it really helps. I hope you find your inspiration!


5 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Inspiration? I do believe in it and I have to say, I do have a muse. She is a she, She is an angel and whenever I sit down at the computer, there she is right in my head one step ahead of me. Some writers set up a kind of ritual they use everyday before they write: light a candle, say a prayer, wear certain jewelry, I always make sure I have taken my dogs out and put down their food. Then I sit in my comfy chair, turn on the TV, open my computer, read my two emails, my blog and my FB page, Then, ta da, I begin to work, (write)

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