I should probably plan out what I’m going to write before I write it, but honestly – where’s the fun or excitement in that? At least you know that these words haven’t been altered unnecessarily for over an hour and really I’m not sitting at a desk trying to make this perfect. Moment of truth? I’m sitting on my bed with my laptop on my lap listening to the band Bastille (my new favourite) along with a fantastic singer called Gabrielle Aplin. My dog is asleep next to me (not on my bed, but the pull out bed beneath mine which makes it ish ok) and he is snoring softly as well as dreaming. I know he’s dreaming because his legs keep twitching and he just woke up about two minutes ago with a start, looking around the room in a panic. When I said his name, he jumped in the air before wagging his tail, picking up a toy and bringing it to me. He’s a nice roommate. 

Anyway, back to trying to find out where this blog is actually going. OH I KNOW I should probably tell you my plans or ‘goals’. Right, here goes. 

I want to do something different and, although this isn’t different, I think this is a good starting point. As you may or may not know by now, my dream is to be a writer – always has been. Seeing as I don’t think posting chunks of the stories I’m writing at the moment onto a website for a total four people to read isn’t the best approach, I’m trying out a different angle. Instead of just reading the words of a sixteen-almost-seventeen year old and not really caring too much (don’t worry, I do the same as I scroll through blog after blog), I’m planning to do a blog with a vlog. 

Youtube has suddenly become a huge organisation and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use it (even my Grandma looks through it every now and then). I think the best way to appeal to a wider audience is to not be overtaken by the expanding organisations, so I am going through the humiliation of making youtube videos. Admittedly, I only have one vlog up at the moment (I’ll link it at the end of this post) and it’s just 5 facts about me. I’ve recorded another just for some laughs, but I want to know what my audience wants. 

That’s right, I’m asking the four of you who read this to tell me what you want to see. Do you want my random musings that appear sporadically and, if yes, give me some topics you want me to discuss please! If you like the video idea, I’m more than happy to hear want you would like as content. Some ideas may include book reviews, updates on what I’m working on, the usual life rants or whatever you like! 

Please let me know – and thanks for reading!

~ El

(Youtube video – WARNING contains embarrassment – at: …. don’t judge me =p )