So just like most people these days, I go to school (yipeee..) and I’m now approaching my last year of school before university. Thinking that I’ll never have to sit in another assembly watching my peers dress up in fruit for harvest or sit through those long prize givings. It’s the weirdest feeling that soon I’ll go through leaving one place being at the top and wind up in another at the bottom, wondering what on earth I’m doing.

I think what I’m really worried for is the inevitable life. Until now everything has been planned out – go to school, do exams, go to school, do GCSEs, get into sixth form, more exams, get into uni, get degree then GOOD LUCK YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN.

(Speaking of exams, it also annoys me that you’re tested more on your memory and time keeping rather than actually applying what you know. Take Maths for example – if i need to work out a problem, i would probably a) use a calculator then b) google it and iif that failed c) call my brother and get him to figure it out. Huh. Maybe they should have different options in exams like call a friend or 50/50, that would help)

So back to the whole teenage crisis going on which I’m sure many go through. To be honest, I’m not quite sure where I’m really going with this – and no, I don’t mean just life, I mean this blog. Seriously. I’m rambling about the future whist sitting at home, whereas I should probably be having this freakout towards the end of my uni years.

So, I’ll repeat this freakout in a few years time – if you enjoyed this rant, just wait for the one to come. Can’t wait.