Hi again!

Hi all! 

So, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve sort of failed on the whole ‘keep a regular blog’ type thing. I’ve found that with writing it constantly changes and is always being edited, so posting onto the internet ‘works in progress’ probably isn’t a great plan. 

GOOD NEWS – I have a new plan. I’ve tried a food blog (teenagefoodie1 i think it was), I’ve tried life of a teenage girl, I’ve tried my own writing. Now, I’m going back to basics. 

I was thinking as I watched some of my favourite vloggers that maybe I should just do that – vlog, but with a twist. What about a vlog with a blog? I’m sure it’s probably been done before but, to be honest, I’m just going to go with it. Once the vlog is up and running, I’ll tell all three of you the link so you can go have a little laugh! 

Now what is this vlog/blog about? Well, I have no clue. I’m thinking just go with day-to-day musings and mini tales about my life – sounds interesting, huh? 

I’ll leave you with a little comment for now before I humiliate myself in front of a camera! 

I noticed earlier that the more panicked my Mum sounds, then the less important the ‘disaster’ is. All i heard earlier was ‘Eleanor? Eleanor. Eleanor! ELEANOR!’ and when i shout out ‘What’s wrong?!’ she replies ‘Dinner’s almost ready’. It wasn’t the house burning down or anything like that, just that the dinner is ALMOST ready. Dear me.