Writer Problems

/SIGH/ So I’ve been juggling around multiple things for the past few weeks and I have not looked forward to a week off from school so much than I do now. On top of all the homework, extra-curricular activities and golf (which I HAVE to do for my PE A-level so i WILL NOT be stopping anytime soon…), I have been desperately trying to write.

At the moment, Letters To Mum has been my priority and after many failed attempts at how I will write this, I have finally decided how it is going to work. I won’t be changing any of the names, so really it is my life as a sixteen year old from the beginning of Summer up to the New Year (so this will not be published until after New Year, obviously). This is because I have tried so many times to change the names and alter a few things, but nothing flows as well and i don’t feel like any of the ‘characters’ have any depth and I simply can’t relate to them, even though they’re based on real-life people. SO everyone in the book Letters To Mum is a real person and I will have to check with friends etc to see if they mind having their names in my book. The only negative thing said about any of them is myself ranting about my brother and my Dad, so it’s not like I’m revealing deep dark secrets or anything like that!

This way, I feel much better about the whole thing as it now is more of a documentary/diary of someone’s (my) life with nothing fake in it.

Once I’ve finalised it, I’ll upload the ‘intro’ which explains that it is actually my life and instead of each email being signed off as ‘From Kim/Jane/Lucy/Ari’ etc etc, it will be ‘From Eleanor’ as it was in the first place.

Tell me what you think in the comments! Thanks you 🙂