Ideas, ideas, ideas…

OK, so it’s been a bit of a busy month (what with GCSE results, a trip away and starting school again) but I’m back to writing (finally!). 

   At the moment, I have 4 book ideas that I’m working on: Flame, Stolen, Penalty and the Princess’ Maid. I have them all planned out, but just have to knuckle down and get my thoughts onto paper (correction: onto a word document) before I forget everything!

   I’m also thinking about 2 different stories (Yup, they’re piling up alright) and I’ll give you a quick summary. 

The first is called ‘Letters To Mum’ which is really a year in the life of a teenage girl who writes to her Mum whenever she goes away (eg travels, goes away for the weekend etc etc). It’s based on the letter I’ve written to my Mum, so I’ll include a teaser in my next post!

The second idea came to me earlier today, so I’m not sure about it – let me know what you think! I watched this documentary on bullying and thought ‘What would you do if you hated your life and wanted so desperately to change it?’. That was when i thought, maybe you could imagine a better life. So the idea is: a girl hates her life so much that she dreams up a different world where everything goes to plan. She makes up new friends, a new family, new school life etc etc. But what if she got so lost making up her own world that she got lost in it and seemed to almost (not literally) disappear in her own world? More importantly – is anyone there to bring her back, or will she be lost forever?

Let me know what you think! ~El x